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Johnny M. Shepard founded Jmacks Industrial Sales in 1996 as a conveyor belt and accessories company. Having over 25 years experience in the business, Johnny realized that customer service and reliably could only be done with direct contact with each customer. Today, Jmacks has expanded and continues to serve its customers, Charlotte and surrounding regions, as a full service distributor and fabricator with each of its customer in mind.
Jmacks began selling and servicing various conveyor belt equipment and accessories. Later on, they added hoses and gaskets to their line of already outstanding products. As they grew, they were introduced and fascinated with Engineered Plastics products. In 2007, Jmacks Industrial Sales hired Brian Shepard to help manage day to day tasks. Brian Shepard holds an Associates Degree in Business Management. Jmacks prides itself as a full service distributor and manufacturer of custom conveyor belting, rubber products, gaskets, hoses, and engineered plastics. They like to think of themselves as a one stop "shop" of all industrial needs. "We serve at your specific direction"
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Engineered Plastics

Jmacks Industrial Sales offers a variety of engineered plastics. Utilizing the latest technology, we are able to offer the best products out there on the market. We offer specialized parts, custom made or cut at your specific request. Contact us for specific thickness, lengths and widths.

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Abrasive Cutting

When abrasive is introduced to the high pressure stream, it allows for us to cut through virtually any material with no heat affected edges. Mainly used for tough materials such as metals, plastics, and wood.

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Serving Charlotte since 1996

10810 Southern Loop Blvd. Unit #5, Pineville, NC 28134

Customized Parts

Jmacks Industrial Sales also offers customized parts at your specific direction. Send us your CAD files or Solid Works files.

Engineered Plastics

  • UHMW

  • HDPE

  • Cast Nylon

  • Plexiglass



Custom Belts

  • Chevron Top

  • Cleated Top

  • Rough Top

  • PVC Crescent Top



Conveyor Belts

  • Food Handling Belts (USDA Approved)

  • Packaging and Handling Belting

  • Heavy Duty and Light Duty Belting

  • Incline Belts

  • Monofilament Belting

  • Thermoplastic Belting

  • Nylon Core Belting

  • Woven Nylon Belting



Water Only Cutting

Water only cutting is used to cut soft materials such as skirtboard rubber, thin plastics, conveyor belting material, and gaskets.


High Pressure and Low Pressure Integration

Our pump has the abilty to cut at low pressure and high pressure on the same material. This is typically used when cutting britle materials such as natural stone and cast acrylics. This process helps eliminate chipping and cracking with the inital pierce . The low pressure setting also gives us the ability to etch material too.



Our software suite supports an extensive array of file support from many of the leading CAD/CAM programs. This enables us to easily import a file, edit if necessay, set tool path and then send it over to be machined. If a file is not availaible, we are able to manually input the specfis of your product from a finished part or a print.

Our Products

Jmacks Industrial Sales offers a variety of custom products that will meet your companies needs. From belts, to engineered custom plastic products, Jmacks Industrial Sales will work hard to earn and keep your business.

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